.@ygAddie aka ASAP Ant’s new EP “The Prelude” is hard to not play

YG Addie aka A$AP ANT has recently dropped a new masterpiece titled “The Prelude”. Most people like myself are very excited to get new music from the ASAP Mob member. I cranked my speakers to the max pressed play and expectedly I was smacked in the face with “Acne Jeans”. This track sets the whole mood of the EP. If you have listened to some of YG Addie’s music you notice that him and Lord Fubu have been going to work with a lot of different vibrant yet relaxing tracks. Once “Brain Dead” came on I found myself powering up for the drop. This track was immediately added to my DJ set playlist. “The Prelude” EP then moves on to “Diamond Dust” which might be my favorite song on the track. I wish it was longer, but whatever thats why they made a repeat button. “Gucci Sox” gave me that classic ASAP Mob feeling that fans need. Other tracks that I run back are “Cloud Burst” and “Blue Cream Soda”. ASAP Ant is on the up-n-up, keep an eye out for a new album to be released soon. Until then jam the new EP “The Prelude” and drop off a comment below letting us know what you think.


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