“$.W.A.N.G PIMPIN” by WastePhones

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 7.12.20 PM

In Oak Cliff, Texas resides an artist by the name of WastePhones. He has been making the right moves to increase his music stock. With videos shot by WeTheShooters who have worked with other great talent, WastePhones has been putting action to his words. “Crack Addict” is a track that enlist another southern rapper named Sleazy Ease. Both rappers are making moves, they are also gearing up for #WasteeAndPaste2016 also doing a many number of shows in the DFW area. With videos for both “Crack Addict” & “$.W.A.N.G PIMPIN” viewers can visualize WastePhones put life to his lyrics. S.W.A.N.G is actually an acronym for Speaking Wisdom And Never Gossip. He is only 17 and is part of the HY-Lyfe Collective who’s members are also all doing big things in the Dallas area that brings attention to the area’s talent. Check out the videos and audio below, look out for a new track relaxing this Friday called “Money Talks”, and leave a comment.


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