@UglyGod – “Bitch!”

Ugly God feeds his huge and die heart fan base with the release of his latest track “Bitch!”. This track is not to be confused with his track that released almonst a month ago called “Lil Bitch”. Ugly God’s unorthadox rap style finds him going on a crazy lyrical rant about everything that you would not typically hear from rappers. We get many of off-the-wall bars like “Booty Gang pastor, I’m the hash-slinging slasher, Pussy Bacon Escobar plugged in like an adapter” or “ I brought her to my room and spread her legs like a rumor, I fucked her with no condom, but don’t worry bitch I’m neutered”. Take a listen to the audio provided below and be on the look out for Ugly God’s Texas Tour which will be featuring sounds by yours truly.


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