Top 10 Epic Moments of 2019 in Orlando Rap Culture

10. Mental Massage debuts a platform focused on mental health within the community

Mental Massage is a new outlet dedicated to reach out to those within our culture and create awareness on suicide, depression, and anxiety. They have episodes featuring local artists discussing their own battles with mental health, in hopes to offer advice for those who face similar struggles. Last November, the community engaged with them during the #gratefulchallenge, where many took to Instagram to share what they were most thankful for. Working in this industry can be tough – resisting temptation of bad habits – but this group helps shine light on what matters most and how to remain headstrong.

9. 4 The Culture Launches Built 4 This Master Class

Early this year, 4 the Culture launched their Built 4 This series which led to devising a workshop intended to teach aspiring artists the rules to the game. They collaborated with Studio 18 to create a workshop helping up-and-coming rappers, singers, producers/engineers understand the industry and it’s demands.

8. Vetta J Wins “Who Got Next Artist Competition

Vetta J won big this year by entering himself in to 104.5 The Beat’s “Who Got Next Artist Competition“. The talented rapper showcased his best work and proved that he is the hottest in the City. Winning the competition landed him an opening performance for Gunna live at The Beacham and a meeting with 300 Entertainment in NYC. Since then, the now signed artist has been cooking up non-stop and has announced his next project, Tha Richtape.

7. 104.5 The Beat Heads to L.A. for the 2019 BET Awards

The legendary DJ D Strong and Orlando’s Ridin’ Patna, YS Baby brought Orlando energy, yet again, out to the BET Experience, where they had the opportunity to meet and speak with this year’s hottest names in the game, like Saweetie, Blueface, and many more!

6. Loud Gallery Orlando presented their very first Music Festival, Supr

Loud Gallery Orlando had a successful year hosting some of the city’s best events. The brand has dedicated their time to offer a space where local artists and entrepreneurs can share their talents and skills. Last September, the team behind the popular urban art venue put together Supr, Orlando’s 1st hip-hop and R&B music festival at Tinker Field. The show featured a lineup with the city’s highest rated rappers and singers. It was an amazing turnout with hundreds in attendance.

5. Former Orlando Nightclub Host, now Artist/Songwriter, Derrick Milano receives Billboard credits on “Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion ft. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign

It always gives us hope to see familiar faces in the industry make it out of Orlando and on to making bigger and better dreams come true. Derrick Milano began his career here in Orlando as a Host then took his talents out to L.A. where he evolved into a Songwriter. This summer, he co -wrote the hook to Megan the Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer ft. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign, resulting in it being his highest rated song of the year. The track made it on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip Hop charts, went platinum, and even made it to #1 on US iTunes!

4. Fusion&Co. curated Fusion Showcase Awards, the 1st large-scale hip-hop award ceremony in the City.

Fusion&Co. held it’s 1st Annual hip-hop and R&B award show, Fusion Showcase Awards, where local artists were recognized for their dedication to their music. This was the largest hip-hop award ceremony open to the public. All guests in attendance experienced urban Orlando come together to congratulate the best and experienced live performances by Ti Vedette, Jabree Sadek, and more.

3. Atlanta’s A3C Festival and Conference held an official show featuring some of the City’s best artists

For the 1st time ever, Orlando hosted their own official A3C show at Atlanta’s largest urban festival and conference for urban arts. With the help of Fusion&Co. , 13 talented artists joined the roster of this year’s most influential musicians. The show was held at The Bakery in Atlanta and offered life-changing experiences to those who were a part of the lineup.

2. Orlando became home to Beat Music Fest – the largest hip-hop music festival exclusive to the city, powered by 104.5 The Beat

Orlando made history this year, thanks to the city’s #1 radio station for Hip-Hop and R&B, 104.5 The Beat. A never-before-seen music festival hit The Lott last November and brought a new and exclusive music festival, Beat Fest. The show was huge and had a lineup including the hottest artists of the year such as DaBaby, Megan Thee Stallion, Rotimi, and many more. There was also a special appearance by The Breakfast Club Host Angela Yee.

1. Creativ Angel releases video to his track, ” 7″ ft. YS Baby, officially making it Orlando’s rap anthem

The “Amway” rapper helped set the tone this year, starting a new trend of positive unity within rap culture here in Orlando, FL. The video to “7” was shot in front of Orlando’s monumental Magic Mall, representing the urban part of the city with an open invitation for everyone to be apart of it. It seemed like shortly after he debuted the visuals back in April, the Orlando rap scene has reached a new level when it comes to networking and collaborations among the East and West sides of the city. The VibeKing continues to spread his positive energy, influencing all artists to thrive in their passions. He states that “it’s been heatin’ up in the 7”, and he’s just stating facts.

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