TobillaMuffin – Alakazam (produced by Luke White & Myles T)

As I was scouring through the internet like I do everyday I came across this gem on SoundCloud entitled “Alakazam” by Colombus, Ohio native TobillaMuffin. In this new century banger Tobilla expressed his views towards females, how the money tobillamuffin luke white miles televates you and how success can alienate you.  Tobilla, 19 talks from a view that sounds beyond his age exclaiming how “he’s got a lot on his plate” and he’s “not afraid to feed you.” His melodic sound produced by Luke White & Myles T, evoke a new aged drake sound from the Ohio artist. This track is definitely a blessing to the ears, allowing people in dark places find retribution, and motivating people in great places to keep being great. Hear how Tobilla expresses how his money makes it nice to meet you, and hear the conviction in his voice yourself; press play below.

Follow Tobilla on SoundCloud for his new single dropping tomorrow at 6pm.


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