Swamp Posse interview, featuring NASSACRE, SKYXXX, Tyla Yaweh and Pat Woods

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@SwampPosse consists of : SKYXXX, Keez, Tyla Yaweh, Jinx Cruz, Pat Woods, Donny Blanks, Serious Sound, Dj Almighty X and NASSACRE.
Only the following 4 were available for the interview. The rest will be reached out to in the future for a follow up interview.

@Nassacre x @PatWoodsMusic x @TylaYaweh x @OG_Sky.

So how long have you all been rapping for?

T – I’m not a rapper, I was in a boy band, we were sponsored jerkers

P- He was raw as fuck, legendary jerker. I been writing and singing since I was young, I tried rapping then and couldn’t really stick to it.

S – I been rapping and recording since I was 19, Nas been rapping all his life.

P – Lowkey, Nas got bars

T – Hell yeah, he the best rapper

Who’s your main group producer?

Group answer – Serious Sound, Iggy, Jon Dough, Adam OTT

Who are your rapper inspirations?

S – Nobody

P – My singing inspiration is Tyla, but no if you want me to be serious. I started on a lot of 70’s rock and country music, and then from there I went to soul. Like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, all the classics man. 70’s rock and r&b, that’s what it’s about.

S – The Fugees, their score album to be exact is my inspiration.

T – The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, Green Day, Jim Morrison

S – You find out how gay your friends are during interviews

T – Yeah man, that Britney Spears is rockin.

Who are your producer inspirations?

S – I don’t know

P – I like The Rascals, The Rascals are raw as shit, one of them niggas came from Nickelodeon

N – Man honestly, Serious Sound.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

P – Running the fucking world, performing in the Amway Center, Grand Central Station, South Korea.

T – I want to be iconic in 5 years.

S – Hopefully 5 years ahead of where I’m at now.

N – I want to open a creative agency and be in L.A with Sky. Next year is the rolex, then continue that tradition; with a new rollie every year.

Are you big on collaborations?

Group answer – No, unless we’re getting paid.

How many tapes have you dropped?

P – Lookout for some shit coming soon in 2016.

S – I’m at like 9 or 10, the best I’d say is “And Then The Moon Fell” album or “Her” EP. Their on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play. Nas don’t drop albums since he’s the videographer, but he brings it to life.

T – 6 are completed but 2 are fully done just not dropped, 4:44 AMis definitely my best one. It has production from Metro Boomin, Fki and more greats.

Do you rock with any of the local brands?

P – Mahatma, Hoop Culture,

T – If it’s dope I’ll rock it, but me and Sky are both sponsored by Hypland, and Felt USA.

Do you write, record, or produce under the influence?

P – I don’t, I’m usually sober.

S – As of late no, but usually yes.

What do you guys think of the term “soundcloud rappers”?

S – Haha, I don’t even know how to take that. It is the main platform to listen to music though, so you’re a soundcloud listener then. So if you hating, delete the app. I get it, you’re a guy who’s on soundcloud with a bunch of views but ain’t doing shit. Yeah we’re soundcloud rappers, it is what it is, bitch.

How many shows you guys done?

S – First official headline, one. A bunch where I wasn’t the headliner.

Any last minute shout outs?

S – Shout out to my probation officer, bitch. It’s what inspired the interview since I’m leaving, so shoutout to him.

(A few days after this interview was done, SKYXXX checked himself into a program in accordance with his probation deal for a 90 day stint, he is expected to return sometime in March)


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