Orlando Florida Hosted it’s 1st Annual Hip-Hop Award Show by Fusion Showcase

Earlier this week, Fusion Showcase helped mark an epic milestone for hip-hop culture in Orlando, FL by being the first ever to unite the community for an award show intended to celebrate local artists who have been strongly promoting themselves throughout the city.

It took place at SoundBar Orlando, a popular venue where most or all of the nominees have either performed or supported others alike. The entire experience was both humbling and exciting for each guest in attendance, that till this day, remains the talk of the town.

From the moment doors opened, sounds by DJ Ayoo filled the atmosphere with tracks ranging from classic hip-hop that made you reminisce of when you were just a teen, all the way to now making the Hot Boyz and Girlz wild out for the summer with modern club bangers. The playlist was impressively coordinated to create a scene that would honor true, urban culture that many of us have had the privilege to see evolve over time.

The show was hosted by Pretty Boy Jay who came through with the right amount of energy to keep the entire show entertaining.

The audience was genuine. It was as if everyone knew each other, or maybe they just did…

The entire crowd was catching a vibe. No cap.

It was obvious they all were all there for one purpose: to put some RESPEK on the names of those who have been pushing their craft all while effortlessly creating Orlando’s very own hip-hop district.

The sound of Orlando all the way from the East to the West evoked pride as artists such as Ti Vedette, Jstdfrnt, Jabree Sadek, and more represented for the City Beautiful.

Performances in between awards revealed unique trends and styles exclusive to the raw side of the city.

And the award goes too…

For over a triad of decades, there have been about 300+ artists that have had the opportunity to showcase their talents at Fusion, and being the pilot to their award shows, it was a unanimous decision to kick off this journey by awarding them first.

All contestants were were divided up to 12 categories with roughly 3 nominees to choose from. The city voted and respectively chose the winner, who got to leave the building with a plaque they would get to cherish forever.

It takes no guesswork to admit the amount of support Fusions Showcase has been giving to the people in the culture, at a local scale, in Orlando, FL. It’s been 3 years worth of a myriad of events held from workshops and listening sessions, to open mics, concerts, and more. Launching the doors back in Febuary 2016, rising hip hop artists have been welcomed to create and exploit their hidden talents.

All those in attendance, either as guests or performers, could all agree that the biggest award would go to Miss Jennifer H. Desire, the CEO and curator of Fusions Showcase Awards.

Miss Desire has gained recognition throughout the city for being the reason why so many rappers and artists can socialize and network with each other. It takes a special person to pave a way in this city that did not have much to offer when it comes to exclusively promoting black culture, and to take it to a higher level where new trends and events are available now more than ever.

Gratuity was definitely in line for her as each award winner thanked her, as well as a speech from H.Dot, a master host in Orlando who has been around to give a testimony on the expansion of hip-hop culture, honoring her involvement and commitment.

Jennifer, with the help of her team, made this entire event seem painless, although she states the hard work is nothing compared for her love for what she does.

You can read more about Jennifer H. Desire and Fusion Showcase here!

All images are courtesy K1ng Photography

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