Lefty Gunnz is a PA/DMV based hip-hop artist with roots in Ohio and significant following in both Atlanta, and California. With more than a decade of industry of experience Lefty has performed up and down the east coast independently as well as with the hip hop group Getting Money Fugitives (G.M.F).

Lefty has held the number one spot on Snoop Dogg’s #UndergroundHeat competition twice, receiving recognition and congratulations from Snoop Dogg himself on the accomplishment. His video #MovingOn was No. 1 of episode 56, and reclaimed the top spot again in episode 95.

His debut mixtape, Mediajuana, was released independently through G.M.F. records but since has signed to Left Coast Media Group to work on his debut album MollyHood Calivania. Some tracks off the album including his hit single “Don’t Wait Up (Work Hard, Play Hard) are already on iTunes, Spotify, and Tidal available here <>. Also you can stream his tracks on Soundcloud <>.

Lefty is a father of two with a passion for music the comes second only to that of his beautiful daughters. When asked what he cares about most in this world, his response will always be” to see the happiness of my children”. This dedication can be felt in his music and everything Lefty does. He is an extremely personable artist with great wit, humor and a genuine interest in topical events. His work ethic and ambition are undeniable and true to his mantra, All We Do Is Work.


Ricardo DeLara (RickySupreme)

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2 thoughts on “NEW MUSIC SPOTLIGHT : PA/DMV’s Lefty Gunnz

    • January 18, 2016 at 2:07 pm

      Bro keep it up
      Stay focused ya positive energy
      Is what keeps some motivated
      Love ya man……..real talk
      You a good but a WONDERFUL FATHER TOO


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