NEW MUSIC : On God Records’ Randy Santos drops VICE CITY EP

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December 21st 2015 is a beautiful day, that will always be remembered in Kissimmee history as the day Vice City finally drops. Vice City is one of those kind of EPs you play when your playing GTA, in fact while writing this I’m playing Vice City on PS2! This EP sequels fellow On God Record’s rappers December 4th EP, and preludes the upcoming EP being made by fellow OG Record’s member, Doza. It’s got an overall nice flow, and you can tell although he no longer lives in NY he still has that north flow, specifically showcased in NY Mike Jones flow on the track. As Randy says himself in Mexico, it’s that real OG shit. He showcases in this EP he’s clearly someone you don’t want your daughter to hang around, as she’ll get lost in Vice City. The EP overall alludes to the vices in the world, and Kissimmee in general which he has deemed as the Vice City. But what is life without a few vices? We’re all in some city full of vice. Word to Rockstar, GTA Vice City’s publisher. The tape itself almost makes you wonder, what would the world be without all these vices? I guess we’ll never know.

The production on this tape is done by, Young Chaaca, Sqvxlls, Monstrom, AzBeats, Soulmuziktracks, Bitoy Beats, SluRty, and lastly Spaycjones. The EP features a few previously released Kissimmee classics, such as Lotto Money (ft. OGR’s French), and Mexico. Make sure to catch Randy and the rest of On God Records January 23rd  in Kissimmee. And if you happen to be an L.A local, you can catch him on 4/20 with the support of Kissimmee’s TheHempClub (interview with Wilson, owner of THC coming soon). If you want to read more about Randy/OGR as a whole, catch up on our interview with him here. If you want to learn more about French and Doza, stay tuned their getting their very own interview soon. #OnGodRecords.


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