New Date Set For the Release of Rapper 6ix9ine

New York native rapper 6ix9ine may be released as early as February 2020, Youtube sensation DJ Akademiks reports. Akademiks utilized YouTube to give a detailed update over a compilation of 6ix9ine clips. He stated, “both of the lawyers would advocate for 6ix9ine to be sentenced to only time served, when he comes to his sentencing on January 24th, 2020.” Akademiks then continues, “which means, if the case is resolved, nobody takes it to trial, and nobody pleads out before November, 6ix9ine will be able to go into court, and his lawyers say they believe he’s helped the U.S. government so well, he should get no jail time and get out with time served”. Back in January 23, 6ix9ine, legally known as Daniel Hernandez, entered a guilty plea to being a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, as well as admitting to racketeering charges. When entering his plea, he was facing sentencing of 47 years in prison. Getting out Feb. 2020 would be earlier than rapper Bobby Shmurda, whose release date is December of that year. Surprised for an early release with more severe charges compared to Bobby, Dawn Florio, a representative of Hernandez, said her client is “holding up very well” while he is behind bars awaiting sentencing. She clarified he will be testifying when other defendants go to trial this fall. After withdrawing from the case due to conflict of interest, Lance Lazzaro returned on behalf of the “FiFi” rapper 6ix9ine. Lazzaro, now 6ix9ine’s lawyer, hopes for his release in February 2020 after his pending court date on January 24, 2020.

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