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So how long you been rapping for?

6 years.

How many projects have you guys released?

I have one project released, it’s on Tidal, iTunes, Spotify, and Google music. It’s called Mesmerized.

Who are your rapper inspirations?

Wiz Khalifa, I just like dope music that inspires me. But sometimes I’m in the mood for that old school.

Who are your producer inspirations?

Prynce Treal, Metro Boomin, Pharrell

Who are your main producers, or producers you’re in talks with?

Prynce Treal, he my main producer he do everything for me

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Probably on an airplane going overseas for a show

Do you guys rock with any of the local clothing brands?

I support all local clothes and all that but I don’t got no shout outs cause I don’t have no sponsors, but I’m definitely willing to work with whoever.

Where were you guys born and raised?

Born and raised in Orlando, but I come from the West Indies.

Are you guys big on collaborations?

Yeah, I like to collab with people I actually know though. If you a cool person and the vibes are dope, yeah I’d love to collab with you

What are you guys releasing soon/currently working on?

I actually just dropped my first track off my upcoming EP NationMon. The track is called “On My Mind”, I’m also working on a music video with Ben Hype.

When’s your next performance?

I’ve done about 25 shows so far and I don’t know when the next one is yet, I’ve just been working on new music.

Any last minute shout outs?

Shout out Studio 18. Shout out to the plug. Shout out to everybody who got that clout.


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