Muzic King Counts Up On “Gwallah”

Within the modern landscape of Rap/HipHop today, it seems you’re either one or the other. And by that I’m suggesting, it seems most artists are either melodic driven, new wave creatives, or more-so old school, boom-bap HipHop lyricists. Rarely, do you find an artist like West Coast-based MC Muzic King that can play the ropes dually in a seamless manner.
And that is exactly what he does in his new single “Gwallah.” Existing purely as a hustler’s anthem, “Gwallah” finds a sturdy foothold between money hungry lyrics and a turnt-up, melodic cadence that grips the listener from the first drop. In a way, it’s like Muzic King nailed the perfect formula that mixes club-ready hits with more substantial, lyrically driven and traditional HipHop and a twist of hyphy, West Coast G-Funk flavor. It all makes sense though, considering the fact that Muzic King doubles as a Rap artist & DJ/Promoter.
Peep the new track from Muzic King and be sure to pop out at one of Muzic King’s Rokstar branded events in West Hollywood in the coming weeks. Details on the event and the single below.


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