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@AubreyKnots interview

I’m boutta fuck these marshmallows up, put that in your interview Ricky!

So how long you been rapping for?

Couple months, I just started spitting bars somewhat recently.

How many projects have you released?

A song, that I’m bout to blow up off. Music video coming soon.

Who are your rapper inspirations?

Lil Uzi Vert, Kanye West

Who are your producer inspirations?

Marz Inc, King Malcolm, Metro Boomin

Who are your main producers, or producers you’re in talks with?

Marz Inc and King Malcolm

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself in Japan, forty stories high with Young Thug talking about bitches scooping grits
off of plates cause they thought it was steak.

Do you rock with any of the local clothing brands?

I have a piece from The Hemp Club, I don’t have any sponsors though I’m not bout to shoutout anyone whose clothes I actually paid for. But if you tryna get a young nigga to model
your shit, cut the check. If you not cutting checks, don’t hit my inbox.

Where were you guys born and raised?

I came from the dutty town, St. Thomas.

Are you guys big on collaborations?

You have to click with me, I can’t just collab with someone whose steez I don’t fuck with. If
you come to the Studio mad stupid I’m not gonna cosign no fuck shit basically.

What are you releasing soon/currently working on?

I got an EP coming out soon, name undisclosable cause that shit don’t exist yet. It’s going to
have four or five tracks on it, and that’s what Ima start out with. I have a fuck ton of visuals that
are also coming out soon with Ben Hype.

When’s your next performance?

2016 is my year.

Any last minute shout outs?

Shoutout to Deez Nuts for not having kids. Shoutout to my plug and my pullout game. But I
don’t got no plug, I am the plug so shout outs to me.


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