Kissimmee’s Emoney of ONE|11 interview

This week I finally got to conduct the Emoney interview we’ve been trying to do for weeks. Emoney has been on RapHQ’s radar since he hopped on a Metro Boomin’ beat last year, he’s no stranger to this site. 

1. What inspired you to start rapping?

Growing up in the early 90s in a Dominican / Puerto Rican household my parents weren’t big on rap. They listened to a lot of R&B, pop, & Spanish records. As a youngin’. I had two free-spirited aunts who would kidnap me and my bros they would take us on road trips while blasting the early 90s rap music in their car. I remember those being my first memories of rap music. I vividly remember any time they would play the Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, Hot Boys, and other rap groups on the radio. My two aunts would take turns role-playing the different rappers and reciting their lyrics. Fast forward to around 2007-2008 my older brother had a group of friends (ONE|11) who would meet up to play ball, freestyle over rap beats, smoke weed, skip school, & beef with other neighborhoods. Around this time we would watch the popular underground battle rappers on the internet and really just be impressed with the punchlines, delivery, and energy they brought to their performance. I started writing and rehearsing my own lyrics not only impressing my peers but as well as motivating them to go harder and see who would have the hardest verse on songs we’d create… Fast forward to 2018 today the rest is history.

2. Top 5 artists?

My top 5 artists today continue to change as the game evolves and new rappers emerge but as a jit growing up my top 5 artists were:

-Big L
-Hot boys

3. What do you think is the hottest track you’ve dropped so far?

Hard choice, can’t choose between “SWERVIN” featuring Skippa Da Flippa or “FRESH OUT OF COUNTY” featuring Lil Yachty.

4. What was high school like for you?

I went to a predominantly white school, me and One|11 stuck out like a sore thumb. We would bring a little bit of the ratchet energy that the school wasn’t used to. In the mornings we would walk through the courtyard in a horizontal line with like all 15 of my bro’s side by side. No one would ever dare walk through us Na fuck that they had to walk around us or it was problems. We made music and posted it on our MySpace pages and reverb nation accounts, skipped school to go record in the studio, beat up hoe niggas, got expelled from riding the buses, sat in a lot of detentions and in school suspensions… yea that’s how high school was for us.

5. How would you describe your sound?

My sound is like sex. It’s colliding aggressively rapid flows together till you bust a bitch.

6. Are you still doing parties with Skippa Da Flippa of QC? How’d that go about starting?

After working with Lil Yachty of QC & Metro Boomin’ I felt as if my name was credible enough to work with another QC artist so I contacted Skippa’s management, told them about how I landed on the Rolling Loud lineup in Miami this year and how I wanted to cook a song with Skippa to bring him out during my set at Rolling Loud and they were all for it. The song has been a big success, reaching 40K streams on Spotify so far & 54K listens on SoundCloud, which then led to me & Skippa Da Flippa throwing this huge mansion pool party in Florida which got shut down by the police. We still managed to get the music video with Azae Productions & Chek The Credits done, it should be dropping in a month or so. As far as any more parties in the future, we have something lined up! Details dropping soon!

7. What’s the most fire you got in the vault right now?

I got a whole unreleased mixtape with Hollywood Dream$, a whole unreleased mixtape with GB4. A solo mixtape, as well as a One|11 collective mixtape, is in the works too. When they drop, the streets will decide which is most fire!

8. How does it feel to be the first artist from your city to perform at Rolling Loud?

The feeling is unreal; my dressing room/trailer was right next to Fetty Wap, Trick Daddy, Trina, Xlud Foe, etc so I felt established, like what I’ve grinded so hard for was being recognized. The energy of the fans was through the roof, it was my first time performing at a stadium so it brought a mixture of sensations mostly it felt rewarding, appreciative, hungry, & eager for more.

9. What has One|11 been up to?

When One|11 ain’t in the studio or with their families they’re hangin’ & bangin’ remaining real right and playing step daddy to y’all baby mamas.

10. What’s a dope collaboration you want to do before the year ends?

Me and DJ DeeKidd are going to put together a central Florida cypher with the hottest upcoming artists in our area.

Any last minute shout outs?

Shoutout God and anyone reading this!

Visuals for No Hook featuring GSO King, shot by Chek The Credits just dropped this week. Peep the visuals below and be sure to stay up to date on Emoney of One|11.

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