Introducing DGV Rap Battles from Africa

Da-Grape-Vine Rap Battles also known as DGV Rap Battles are a series of monthly Spoken Word/Hip Hop events which were founded and are hosted by Naboth RIZLA. They were started in August 2013 with support from Naboth RIZLA’s clothing brand known as Grapevine Clothing which at the time ran a very influential hip hop website based in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe). The DGV Rap Battles have taken place all around the country of Zimbabwe and have been part of the biggest festivals in Zimbabwe that’s Shoko Festival 2015 in Chitungwiza performing to over 2000 people and Intwasa Arts Festival in Bulawayo the same year. In October 2016 & 2017 the DGV Rap battles made an appearance on Zimbabwe’s National TV (ZTV) via Hip Hop 263 TV show a first time in Zimbabwe. In 2018 more shows saw new talent being exposed and went on to host a very first ALL female two-country battle between Enigma Tsiako (Botswana) and Llady EEf from (Zimbabwe).

DGV Rap Battles LLADY EEF (Zimbabwe) VS ENIGMA (Botswana)

In 2019 DGV Rap Battle kicked of the year with a card between Luminous  and Trane done on 23rd of March 2019 in Zimbabwe’s second largest city known as Bulawayo. The organizers changed the venue but remained in Bulawayo opting to go for an underground (Basement Car wash & Restaurant) look in an effort to keep the event fresh. Unfortunately their official camera crew didn’t come through so they had to make do with what was there. They since apologized for the poor picture quality and are hoping to get assistance with their own video and sound equipment in the near future so as to compliment the quality talent being showcased. You can watch the rap battle below and let us know who you think won.

DGV Rap Battles Luminous VS Trane

The DGV Rap Battles aim in 2019 was to part in more regional battles so as to expose the Zimbabwean talent to the rest of Africa. This goal saw Luminous (Zimbabwe) facing Eto (Botswana) in Gaborone (Botswana) at The Warzone (Botswana’s Rap Battle League) on Saturday 27th of April 2019. It was an intense Rap Battle that saw Luminous victorious against Eto the Botswana Champion 3-0 after a judge’s panel decision that included a respected Botswana Rapper named Zeus. You can watch the Rap Battle and let us know who you think won by clicking on the link below.

WARZONE BW Rap Battle ETO (Botswana) VS Luminous (Zimbabwe)

As the DGV Rap Battles team continued to pursue the 2019 agenda of taking part in more regional battles this time going all the way to Maseru in Lesotho. Yes, Jilly Tha Black (Zimbabwe) faced Kafela (Lesotho) in Maseru at the Dirt Mouth on Saturday 29th of June 2019. The battle saw two different styles of Rap Battling being showcased in the form of the written rap style by Kafela and the Freestyle Rap Battle style by Jilly Tha Black. A very entertaining battle for sure as both brought their A-game throughout the whole battle. You can watch the Rap Battle by following the link below and don’t forget to let us know your views on who you think won.


The DGV Rap Battles has since been invited to the Lyrical Wars GH Rap Battles in Ghana to take part in the 4th of January 2020 event that will have artists from Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana and Lesotho. If you can assist them in any way towards their transport expenses from Zimbabwe to Ghana and return please get in touch with Naboth RIZLA via their email wearehiphop263(AT) or or visit For more DGV Rap Battles content and information please Subscribe to the DGVRIZLA Youtube Channel and don’t forget  to comment and share the videos.


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