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@VaughnyVo_ (cover photo shot by @AaronXSupreme) (album graphic design by @VaughnyVo_)

So how long you been rapping for?
Around 6 months

Who’re your rapper inspirations?
Kanye West, Odd Future, ILOVEMAKONNEN, Father, PlayBoi Carti, Ethereal, Mick Jenkins, MadeInTokyo, Tyla Yaweh.

Who’re your favorite producers?
Kanye West, Ethereal, Tyler the Creator, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digial, DreamCulture dropping an EP with them soon.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
With a bad bitch, eating 5 star, and counting them fingers. I be living in the now that’s my problem, I guess graduated college and still making music. I see myself having my own shows, touring across if not the nation, Florida at least. I see myself probably working with some rappers and producers I meet in college and maybe making a 2 or 3 person group. By then probably, 2 albums under my belt.

How many tapes have you dropped?
Acura was my first mixtape (2015 summer), Vaughny Vo Summer 2015 playlist, and “Vo” (produced by DreamCulture) drops in mid December.

Are you big on collaborations?
No actually, I’m really picky with my songs and how they come out. I usually just make songs with myself only, so they come out how I envision them and not how other people do. Because when you do collabs with people it always sounds like their song not yours. Unless they’re paying me, I’m doing two of those right now. I’ll only have a collab with someone on my song if they really fuck with me. I do have two collabs out, one with OhSoSway and Action Jack$on.

How many shows have you done?
Somewhere around 7, one that was even at my school’s homecoming and one opening for Mick Jenkins.

Do you rock with any of the local brands?
I fuck with our brand, The Foolish Ones (TFO). I fuck with Misunderstood. I don’t really be with local clothing. I been getting into The Hemp Club clothing, Miato Men is dope too.

What do you have coming out soon in general?
Vo, my EP should be out mid December. After that I’ll be working on a mixtape “2 AM Cereal Adventures”. We have a music video that will be shot in about a week for “broke”, and we’re dropping a new longsleeve shirt “Passport Sports” by The Foolish Ones. I’m on break from concerts right now to focus on the tape, but I will be at The Sesh Orlando Wednesday, December 4th.

Are you in a relationship or anything?
I’m talking to this one girl.

Who’s your main producer?
DreamCulture and myself mostly.

What do you record with?
MixCraft 7, on PC.

Do you write, record or produce under the influence?
No, cause I know I wouldn’t get anything done. I’d just be chilling.

What do you think of the term SoundCloud rapper?
That’s how a lot of people start off, it’s just a platform where you can distribute your music so people can stream it. If you think about it everyone on Awful Records has a SoundCloud, there’s nothing wrong with it. If your just a regular artist, SoundCloud is where everyone listens you from.

Any last minute shout outs?
Shout out Rex, DreamCulture, Victor, OhSoSway, shout out RickySupreme. Shout out Jay Eldridge, Jayemmess, Ceaze Da Villain, SWAGMAER. Shout out to all my friends, my Windermere thugs, Windermere’s whiteys.


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