Interview with Scottie Jay x Jayemmess x JamWoW


@Scottie_Jayy (Scott (Artist)) x @FcukJms_ (Jayemmess (Artist)) x @JamWoWWW (Jamal (Producer))
How long you been rapping for?
16 – S
5th grade so like since I was 9 or 10 – Jay

How long have you been producing for?
Year and a half – Jam

Who’re your rapper inspirations?
Ab Soul, Schoolboy Q, J Cole – S
Joey BadA$$, Drake, Schoolboy Q, Ab Soul, Future….List goes on man. – Jay

Who’re your producer inspirations?
Kanye, James Blake, 40 -jam

What do you guys think of the term “soundcloud rapper” ?
To be honest, that defines me right now cause I haven’t really done anything major yet , but it’s not a bad thing. Any platform you can use is not a bad thing. -S
It’s just another label, I don’t really get offended, long as you listening to it, I could be on youtbe be a youtube rapper, I could be on iTunes then I’d be an iTunes rapper. –Jay
I haven’t really thought about it, it is what it is. – Jam

You guys have any tapes out?
Yessir, I just dropped my debut tape Piece of Mind –Jay
“Lost in Tokyo” slated for April release – S

Have you guys collabed with any local rappers or producers, or planning on it?
I collabed with @CeazeDaVillain, my nigga Leek Knowledge, and my nigga Scottie Jay, Sir Davie as well another up and coming rapper, in the future only person I would really collab with outside of my circle would be Kim (@Stephons_son) and Danny Towers & KEEZ. But lately I’m just really focused on my team. it’s not like I’m opposed to working with others. No ass rappers, just serious ones. – Jay
Outside of camp, I have tracks with Serius Sound (producer), Beat God zom, but I want to work with Denzel Currry, WifisFuneral – S
Honestly, I’m just tryna work on the camp (main people), there’s really nobody that I want to produce for besides Scott and Jay. -Jam

So can you guys freestyle?
Yes (freestyle located at the end)
How long have you guys known each other?
Jamal since about sophomore year, Jay since about sophomore year – S

Where are you guys planning on going with this music-wise?
Tokyo *laughs*, I don’t know I’m trying to do a lot of different shit outside of music. I’m not really trying to be rapping pas like 30. Don’t get me wrong I’ll still be doing music, but that’s not like my main hustle – S
I want to go pretty far, I like making music, I figure I’ll do it, until it takes me to a couple more hundred thousands from where I am. I want to start my own shit, like a label. I want to give other people opportunities, to grow with their music. I want to set an example to others as well, be that example. Cause really im just an ordinary nigga you know what I’m saying. Just another nigga from the Rico sipping Tampico. – Jay
For me, I think it’s less about music and more about creating, so I’ll just take it until I find a new medium. I’m just a creative person, and music just happens to be the medium I’m using. – Jam

What do you produce with?
Logic – Jam

What do you guys rap with?
Logic, shoutout to Blue Room Laroosh – S & Jay

Are you guys cuffed?
*Whole room just looks at me and nods no with an awkward silence*

So how many concerts have you guys done?
I’ve only done one so far, more to come I’m just waiting on the visuals and fan base to keep growing – S
I did like 4 or 5, my next concert is this 13th in downtown Kissimmee with Randy Santos, Pat Woods, Ceaze Da Villain and Danny Towers – Jay
I wouldn’t call myself a performance artist, I’m more of a behind the scenes guy for now – Jam

So do you guys vibe with any of the local clothing brands?
I definitely fuck with The Hemp Club, “Misunderstood” is a dope movement too. Flyers Club is dope too. And can’t forget cosmic Laboratory. –S
I fuck with the Hemp Club, shout out to Wilson. And I fuck with Cosmic Laboratory as well shoutout to my director of art SERGSEEN. –Jay
Nobody except for Flyers Club – Jam

Have any big names seen your work?
Jay Rock, he was drunk too it was amazing – S
Not that I’m aware of – Jay

Do you write or produce under the influence?
Hell yeah, I mean it’s easier for me to write if I’m under the influence, under the influence I just go what first comes to me. –Jay
I just freestyle high – S
I make a lot of work by myself and it’s not really based on writing. I feel like I do better sober definitely – Jam

What are your guys regular jobs?
I just got fired, straight up. –S
I work at advance auto part, delivery boy. Shout out to my Uncle –Jay
I work at Nike – Jam

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I want own my own creative headquarters where I can invest in talent and my own anime series and my own record label. -S
Shit, I see me performing doing a lot more shows. Touring. I see myself backstage with my team and some of the greatest like Wiz, Drake, smoking heavy drunk as fuck doing silly ass shit. –Jay
As far as music goes, I don’t really have an answer for that. But I definitely will be a multimillionaire by then, I’ll just be living comfortably.

Anything else you want me to add, any last minute shout outs? 
Shout outs SERGSEEN, Shout out Blue Room Studios, Shout out to my beautiful daughter for the motivation, Shout out to my mother for the creation, Shout outs to Aunt Jemima for marvelous pancakes. And thank you to all my supporters – Jay
Shout outs to my Mom, God and my old hoes *whole room bursts into laughter* -Jam
Shout outs to everyone that consistently fucks with me, and Free Kodak. And rest in peace Lil Snupe – S

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