Interview with Sap

Written / interviewed by Kyle Sisco, edited by Ricky. Sap is a classic producer turned rapper, stream his latest album below with features from Jitta On The Track, Mac Miller, The Game, Chris Webby, Hodgy Beats, Hit-Boy and more. He most recently produced Domo Genesis’s “Coming Back” track ft. Mac Miller off Domo’s debut album Genesis.

What’s up man? For the people that don’t know tell us where your from?

I’m from Newark, Delaware small city inside of a small state.

What does SAP mean?

Sap means (sound of a pioneer) that’s kinda where the name the pioneer crew came from.

When did you start making music/producing?

I started making music when I was 15.

Who’s your favorite artist/producer out right now?

My favorite producer artist right now besides myself haha is hit-boy I feel like he’s killing it evenly on both sides as far as being consistent with quality.

So how did your mega hit with Mac Miller, Donald Trump, come together?

I went to Pittsburgh on a train for 8 hours because me and Quentin had been talking about setting up a session for a while, Q and Mac reached out to me in my myspace days but it never happened. Finally we connected and that literally was the first song we made when we met. Personally my favorite beat you’ve made is Mac Miller’s – Thoughts from a balcony, what’s your favorite beat/song you’ve helped create? My favorite beat I’ve created has to be “o eight” for my solo project self employed. “Celebration” for The Game (ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne) and also “Holy Water” for The Game. And of course, Donald trump because it was so different at the time and still managed it’s way to be a big hit sales wise.

Tell the readers your relationship to Cash Money records, and legendary producers Cool N Dre?

Cool and Dre had did a partnership with cash money when I signed to them (Cool and Dre) as a producer they really helped me out a lot I linked up with them through DJ young legend. It’s been history ever since, I’m just applying game and knowledge they gave me throughout the 4 years I was on their company,

You’re most known for your production and beat making but tell us about your most recent project flexing your rap skills?

My rapping has really grown from my first project (surprise surprise) I’ve just been building and getting more comfortable embracing who I truly am, and being more confident and creative you can hear it in my voice on my later projects and songs especially this one.

What song on your project, Self Employed, would you most want our readers to hear?

I would say “o eight”. It tells my story in the purest form possible just my journey from being a kid in high school from Delaware to gaining respect from philly which is hard in our area to making it to LA working with the top guys here.

What’s next for you? Projects? Shows?

I’m looking to do some shows hopefully set up a dope creative tour for the sap rap fans. Just taking everything one step at a time though no rushing.

Any last minute shout outs?

Shouts out to the whole pioneer crew, JM , DJ GQ , DJ YOUNG LEGEND , QWON DON , KICKIN J and the whole Delaware crew.


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