Interview with Ms. Red Lipstick And Hip Hop



So tell us Natalie what exactly do you do?

I’m a poet, and administrator for The Sesh Orlando. I write for a few sites;,, and I also run my own website called

How old are you?

24 years young

How long have you been writing poetry and articles for?

I’ve been writing poetry for 11 years, performing for 2. I started doing articles about a year and a half ago. Kind of to add to the whole hip hop thing to my site, since I’m a devoted hip hop fan.

Who would you say are your favorite rappers and producers?

Jay Z, Nas, Joell Ortiz, J. Cole, Lauryn Hill.
Producer wise, Just Blaze and Kanye West.

How about locally?

Rapper wise, IEknows, KIM, Creativ Angel.

Producer wise; AYO The Producer and Jove Beats.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In New York, managing shows and coordinating events.

Have you dropped any spoken word mixtapes?

Yes, I dropped an EP on SoundCloud over the summer, “Alone At The Round Table”

Are you big on collaborations?

Yeah, I’m looking to be featured more on mixtapes next year. I’ve already been featured twice, on two projects “A day in the life” by Ray Bandz. The second was with an artist named Malstrxm.

Are you planning on releasing spoken word on a paid platform, such as iTunes?

I would love to, that’d be dope.

Do you rock with any of the local brands?

TheHempClub, Braco & Lacrxz.

What are you currently working on?

Alone At The Round Table 2, and a birthday showcase powered by TSA in Febuary. Flyer with artist lineup releasing soon. The Sesh Orlando on January 6 too, which is an open mic open to the public.

Are you in a relationship?


Where do you record?

Level 11 studios

Are you all around straight edge?

Yes, I think I’m one of the few artists who still are.

Any last minute shout outs?

TSA family, and The Sesh Orlando


Ricardo DeLara (RickySupreme)

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