Interview with CT’s Jitta On The Track

This interview was done by RapHQ’s newest staff member, Kyle Sisco. Edited by Ricky.

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Whats up Jitt, for the readers that don’t know you, tell us where your from…

I’m from Connecticut, and grew up in Florida…around Daytona Beach about a hour

from Orlando.

You moved to L.A recently, how has the transition been from the 860?

It’s been good, as long as you keep that same 860 mentality, you’ll kill it out here.

You recently found friendship with another prominent Connecticut artist, Chris

Webby; how has that helped/changed your music?

Its dope! We both help each other and changed each other’s vibe. I gave him my

whole swag and he gave me his own MC swag and taught me how to jump bars and

this and that. So we work good together, he’s actually back in CT, so I’m out here in

LA and he’s back on the east coast and we’ve been hitting each other up back and

forth just trying to make this thing take off and go global.

You and the Homegrown crew attended South by Southwest in Austin last year in a

tiny house. What was that like to have all your homies under one roof at such a

crazy event?

That was wild, man. A lot of shit went down. We actually were in two houses. We

went there for a whole month. We set up a studio in the first house and worked on

some projects and songs. It was actually the first time Web and I sat down and

actually talked about what we wanted to do. And then I worked on my album he

worked on his album, you know. And then, we went to the second house, which was

when the actual music festival was going on. And that was crazy, I met a whole

bunch of cats down there just rolling through the house and now I’m rocking with

them and working with them out here. So it was a pretty great time!

Tell us about your relationship with the Epidemic/Cash Money producer, SAP.

I met SAP about a year and a half ago through Webby in a studio session. I showed

him a bunch of my music and he was really really messing with it. He gave me damn

near like $100,000 worth of free beats, so he blessed my ass. We are actually coming

out with a record together called Lost In It, he produced it and we just finished

shooting for the video and it’s coming out soon off my latest project.

It’s well known that you’re a huge dilla fan. Who today is your favorite producer?

Dilla! He’s obviously going to be my favorite producer, but another producer I fuck

with is honestly gotta be Kanye.

What’s your take on the Wiz-Kanye Beef?

That’s just entertainment for hip-hop. Its just personal shit that gave the hip-hop

world something to talk about. Their both dropping projects so I think the publicity

helped both of them out.

A lot of people don’t know this, but you had a chance to be a part of Drakes Club

Paradise tour, what was that like?

It was great! I was just out of high school making music around CT just putting it out,

but wasn’t really taking it seriously because I was going to school. But once I won

that competition I realized that I could make music for a living. Fresh off the tour

I quit my job and went 100% on this music shit. So, yea that help make me the artist

I am today. That tour was sick, dope!

Who was your favorite artist to be around during the tour?

Uhh prolly Waka. Yea he’s cool as hell, his family is cool as hell, I had dinner with

them. I uhm actually got really close with his brother who recently passed away. He

fucked with me cause we were really down to earth and the only niggas like

bringing lawn chairs outside the tour bus drinking forty’s. They were like ‘what the

hell is this’ I was like y’all should try it and eventually me and Waka were sipping

beers together talking music eventually getting real close.

What’s next for Uncle Jitt, Lumberlife and Homegrown?

Homegrown…I’m still waiting on the call from Web about that. I know he’s out there

plotting. But LumberLife we’re dropping and re-launching our clothing brand next

month with all new products/designs. I’m working on a couple projects, shooting

videos, etc. making a lot of beats for different artists. So yea we out here working



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