Interview with Randy Santos and Winyan Cistina

Randy Santos next tour date

@RandyxSavag (Rapper) x @Galaga__ (Producer)

So how long you been rapping for?

I’ve been rapping since I’ve been 8, I turn 19 in January so it’s been almost 10 or 11 years – R

So how long you been producing for?

I’ve been making beats, since freshman or sophomore year but I’ve been around music since 6th grade, learning things through the band program til junior year – W

How long have you guys known each other for?

I met him my freshman year, so five years – R

Who’re your rapper inspirations?

Kendrick, Tupac, A$AP Rocky, Robb Bank$ – R

Have you heard of fellow local rapper Moe Waveyy?

I’ve heard a little bit, I try to look out for local rappers – R

Who’re your producer inspirations?

J Dilla, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Wonder Girl, East Bound, Metro Booming, South side, 808 Mafia – R

Where are you guys planning on going with this, music-wise?

Up, I’m tryna be big as fuck I’m tryna be a household name like the Pacs and the Jay Z’s -R

That’s actually my biggest goal too – W

So how many concerts have you guys done?

We’ve done a few now to be honest, around 6 and the next one is on the 13th in Downtown Kissimmee on 219 Broadway Ave – R

Who’ve you guys done collabs with?

Locally, not really nobody if it’s not our group OG Records. I collabed with a dude out in Texas named Gucci Capri – R

Haha so he walks aound in Capris?

Nah, like caprisuns you feel me his thing out in Texas is called “Juice Cartel” – R

It’s not like I’m not open to collabs, I just be in my zone – R

Who exactly is in OG records?

Doza, French, he in fact coming out with an EP soon.  I see people with potential, and I just bring em in. We also got a singer named Celeste. My boy Saed, he actually came up with the name. My boy Meka in Panama, there’s a lot of us, we deep. And that’s just us that make music. And we got our photographer Eder, and shot out to my other photographer Joseph & Aaron. That whole Misunderstood shit they doing is pretty dope. – R

So I notice you got a “You can’t smoke with us” from local THC brand, he support you?

Basically, he supports us he makes the covers for a lot of our songs. He’s working on the cover to my mixtape dropping December 21st, and yeah that’s just the homie Wilson. – R

What’s the name of the upcoming mixtape?

“Vice City” – R

How many features are going to be on it?

Just one, French – R

So it’s going to be all Winyan’s beats?

Naw, it’s going to be like some youtube beats here and there and a few beats the homies sent me. -R

So do you also Fly with Flyers Club?

I fuck with Flyers club, I’m working on something with him, I don’t know if he’s telling people or not but he’s doing a Frequent Flyers mixtape I should be on, it’s going to be all local rappers. I support all the movements out here, like if you’re actually doing something, just know I support it. -R

Are you planning on starting you own brand or record label or anything?

Yeah, we thinking big the name of our record label is OG records, stands for On God Records. -R

Do either of you got a girl or you just riding the wave?

Naw, I’m a rapper I can’t have no girl right now, but if a cool short came my way you know I’m saying I wouldn’t mind, not necessarily looking for love. -R

“I am in love….with the music” – W

What do you produce with?

Fruity Loops, I’ve been sticking it to it for good 3 years, I’ve tried logic and a few others but Fruity Loops is my go to work station. – W


Do you work with any other producers?

Yeah, I’m not opposed to working with other people if it’s good – R

Yeah around here I maybe know one another producer – W

What do you record with?

I used to be on Adobe Audition, but now I’m on garage band – R

I like the style but how you wearing that out here in FL?

You gotta pay the price, it’s style – R

Have any big names seen your work?

Nuri,  he’s Robb Bank$ DJ & Producer, he follows me on twitter and shit – R

Do you have any tapes out yet?

Yeah, but I’m starting fresh with Vice City. If you have any of my old tapes, you an OG I fuck with you. My old tapes, deleted off the internet, they all hidden. – R

What exactly was your old sound?

It was heavily influenced by Tupac, Kendrick, Joey Badass, it was just some real boom bap type hip hop shit. – R

What was the name of the old tape?

In search of Randy Santos, and then there was Found EP. And there was a real old one called Dracula, that was just straight trash, yo honestly If you have that I’ll fight you –R

I remember he was always talking about it, he was all secretive and shit with it – W

Anything on iTunes yet?

No not yet, real soon, who the fuck say Randy not nice? I say it in Vice City, that’s a Dracula reference. -R

So I assume you can freestyle?

Hell yeah, watch *freestyle located at the end of the video*

Where were you born, Randy?

Providence, Rhode Island – R

I would not see that haha, Rhode island nigga – W

I moved around a lot, I moved to NY then to Florida – R

So would you say your raps are inspired by NY rap like Biggie?

I’m inspired by a lot, but definitely NY cause my pops would always play that around me, Big Pun, Nas Biggie, Wu Tang -R

You guys planning out on flying out somewhere any time soon?

Yeah big moves coming, wait on it -R

Yeah it’s under construction – W

What do you guys both think of the term soundcloud rapper?

I hate it, to be honest, cause like Drake got a soundcloud you feel me? What the fuck does that mean? Partynextdoor got a soundcloud? Just cause I got a soundcloud, people don’t want to take me seriously suck my dick, feel me there’s a lot of good ass music on SoundCloud, I don’t know if you’ve heard Doja Cat but If you haven’t check her out. Made in Tokyo dope as fuck too, he even follows me. -R

I remember when I followed Denzil Curry before he blew up, git followed back and everything. I don’t exactly know what the fuck that means like, music is music, like c’mon you’re an iTunes rapper. Amazon rapper, google play rapper. Like c’mon there be them amazon prime rappers. -W

Do you write or produce under the influence?

Honestly, I haven’t tied it yet but Like I want to, imagine like doing it on LSD, like I wanna try that shit, shrooms or something. Mario was telling me that, he smoked weed for a minute and then stopped and started producing. He said he tried smoking and then producing at the same time and heard it sober and said it was trash. Bro, like what if I do take LSD and make the best track ever? I’ll be on that shit everyday, I don’t give a fuck –W

I never really written while I was under the influence, I just do my work sober it just happens like that, like I might smoke afterwards or something. -R

What are your guys regular jobs?

I’m a bus person at Embassy Suites – W

I’m just a full time rapper, I just make music 24/7 – R

He right, like when we be going to parties and shit when we get back Randy be up rapping til like 8 AM – W

So what do your sleep schedules look like now that you started this?

*Laughs* His is trash – W

Yeah mines is trash I ain’t even gonna lie, I’ll probably sleep all day, then I might go out but I’ll still make music all night, til like 9 or 10 AM -R

*Laughs* Git nocturnal, he real deal Dracula like when the sun comes up he fucking goes to sleep and shit -W

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Out of Kissimmee – R

Most definitely out of Kissimmee, I always keep this thing goin like you speak things into existence and they happen, last year I told myself I was going to have my first show, and I’ve done a number of shows, like I’ve performed at Venue 578, like yo I want to fuck this bitch I speak it into existence. -W

Like yeah that’s what I try to tell all my friends, if you speak something it’ll happen, regardless if you think positive. Even if it’s negative, like if you tell yourself your going to jail it’s gonna happen. -R

Yeah we’re going to be fucking famous, that’s the way I see it. I say that we’re going to be famous, not like that vine famous. -W

How long you been a full time rapper?

To be honest I’ve always been a full time rapper, like the last time I worked was May 5th –R

Do you get paid for your shows?

Of course, can’t be a broke full time rapper. You know the reason I fuck with my music, is cause everyone tell me they got a different favorite song, I got something for everybody. I got a song called Her Interlude that got 7K views, bitches love it girls flock with it heavy. -R

My personal favorite is Jiggy Smalls – W

Of course haha you produced it – R

Where can I hear Jiggy smalls?

It’s scrapped, it was on the old tapes, my new shit Vice City nothing like the old stuff -R

Damn the name Vice City just makes me want to be on some GTA shit and steal a car and end up doing 5-15 in Riker

Vice City gon make you feel like that, right when you hear the first track, like do you remember playing Vice City? It sounds like that, like some shit that be playing on one of them fugazi ass radio stations on GTA, it’s content is vices, I’m talking about girls, I’m talking about drugs, I’m talking about money, I’m talking about all that. -R

Anything else you want me to add?

Yeah, just look out -R

Yeah we got shit cooking in the kitchen – W

Kissimmee is Vice City, December 21st

Any last shout outs?

Shout outs OG Records, The Hemp Club, Joseph and Aaron,  oh yeah and Frequent Flyers y’know, you know what just shout out to everybody doing their thing. Just know, you, me, Ecstasy.

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