Interview: Malibu (formally known as Twenty11)

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Atlanta, lived in Jacksonville but raised in Orlando since that’s where I really grew up.

So how long you been rapping for?

I started writing music and gaining love for producing when I was homeschooled my sophomore year in 2011, so about 5 years now. But in 2010-2011 when the stoner rap music became mainstream with like Big Sean, wiz, Mac Miller, and Lil B, that’s when I knew I wanted to be rapper cause they were only a couple years older than me and I could relate.
When did you really start taking it seriously?
Haha probably like a year ago, that’s when I recorded my first song at my friends place and he could engineer, I wasn’t bad at all, but I learned so much of the recording aspect since then and I taught myself how to sing so it’s lit haha.

Who’re your rapper inspirations?
Oh shit, Travis Scott, Kanye west, Ye Ali, Jazz Cartier, Kid cudi, Lil Wayne and Drake. Like my dream is to make classic music with all these guys one day and plus Travis, Jazz Cartier, Ye and cudi are ragers during there live performances so I fuck with that a lot haha I almost died at a Travis show in December Haha. And Ye Ali is that nigga, I feel like we definitely gonna collab sooner than later.

Who’re your favorite producers?

Metro Boomin, SouthSide, Murda, Nineteen85, 40..he’s a legend, TM88, I fuck with Adam OnTheTrack, FKi 1st…I was supposed to be working with him on some shit but I think he’s on tour, Bizness Boi…he’s having a huge year with multiple Credits on P3 and TRAPHOUSEJODECI. And I also Produce haha my shit lit.

So how many projects you have dropped in total?
So far just 2 but my first one I don’t really count but I just dropped a 9 song ep called “Colorful Paranoia” with no features and the artwork is done by Amber Park.

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m just making sure I get my priorities in order but im working on developing my own sound and figuring out who I want to be as an artist since im so well rounded but I’m about to drop some singles in preparation for my first full length project, not sure if it’ll be an album or not but i want it distributed on every platform, I’m about to work on a couple videos and I’m writing and producing for other artists as well. And I’m getting ready to do some shows soon as well so I’m excited about that.

Are you big on collabs?

I don’t mind, as long as it makes sense and the money right or if you got numbers.

Who’s been your favorite rapper to work with?
I haven’t done any lately cause but I might get something going with my nigga “Vaughny Vo” out of Orlando too. But I also wanna work with Danny Towers, Lil goya, Wifisfuneral, Jazz Cartier, Ye Ali and Partynextdoor.

Which have been your favorite shows you’ve performed at?
Haven’t performed yet cause I didn’t have enough music out but I’m about to start doing some soon in Orlando and hopefully Miami and Tampa as well.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

One of the biggest and most influential artists in the game, and financially free….I want to be bigger than Kanye.

Do you rock any of the local clothing brands?
Not really but I support everyone doing there shit but my nigga Tjay Fye is about to drop his pop up shop here in Orlando September 10th so il be rocking that and il be working on my own merch and street wear clothing line with my two best friends Thomas and Kishan and it’ll Be called “Psaras Studios” so be ready for that. 

Do you record or write under the influence?

Nah not at all, I like to be as focused and well thought out as I can, I don’t even drink alcohol so I feel like the weird kid at parties until I take somebody’s girl hahaha. But I love writing, it’s natural to me at this point.

Any last minute shout outs?

Shoutout to RapHQ, Thomas, Kishan, harambe, God, and bizness boi and Ye Ali, I fuck with those guys hard, go check out that TRAPHOUSEJODECI album too by Ye Ali and shoutout to jazz Cartier cause that’s that nigga, he’s a future legend.

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Artwork by Amber Park.


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