I Held A Competition To Find The Best Song And This Is What Happened.

About a week ago I took it upon my self to find some dope new undiscovered music. Now as a writer I have to admit I dont have the larget following on twitter, however 3K followers consisting of at least 25% of them being artists means one thing I provide a service thats in demand so I decided to make this tweet:

28 retweets and 38 favorites later my inbox was flooded with over a hundred songs from unique artists looking for an opportinty to share their music. I was extatic, not because I was surprised so many people submitted music. I was extatic because there were so many GOOD SUBMISSIONS, it was an adventure I was excited to get into, and after a few hours of going through music I realized I couldn’t just choose one song. It boiled down to two “” and “.”

This is when things started to get out of hand. The moment I made this tweet:

…it all changed. I went from getting mad love in my inbox to my inbox being flooded with hate from artists who felt they deserved the chance to compete. Nevertheless I made my choice the show must go on.

The competition began and the votes started coming in, practically overflowing. I couldn’t keep track these artists had immense support


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