Houston rapper .@Emphasiz drop some heat off

Do You: First off s/o Shmack for this beat!! Do You is a creation that’s going to get people motivated! This is definitely something you can groove to, cut a bitch off to, flex to, this song is everything!

Before I wrote this, my mind was so clouded with doubt, fear, other peoples opinions and I was definitely distracted, I wasn’t making any beats, writing or anything then something in my brain just clicked! You know when you finally hit that turning point and figure out that nothing else matters when it comes to getting that bag and chasing your dreams?

This is the song that’s gon make you get 2 bags! Then stunt on any person who doubted you or didn’t respect the process! I refuse to let any negativity get to me and I’m knocking down anything that gets in my way! In other words I’m doing me so why not DO YOU?!


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