Houston area DJ .@jon_wells releases a trifecta of tracks that are a must add to your playlist

“No Jumper” based on the doubts of the people surrounding me. I took all the negative energy and wrapped it into something I’d call a classic. With such a melodic and catchy hook, it’s hard to forget the words to this one. With assistance from two artists that are no strangers to my realm of creativity.

I’ve fought and experienced so many things, including my own demons and addictions. This joint “Tokyo Drift” allowed me to vent from those vices and express things I wouldn’t usually. It allowed me to speak on some relatable topics and compare & contrast my emotions to my actions. This one here is for anyway yearning an escape from their current situations.

“Los+” come from me being part Aquarius, I come whole heartedly to empty my vast knowledge to any that ask or oppose. As of lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of assumptions and sideline comments. Their drowning in misconceptions and it’s almost amusing to me to watch them be LOST. When they could simply just ask me how I feel, how I am, and what I mean in my music.


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