HouStock ByBreeze (Events)

Houston has been viewed by locals as a city of people who are divided when it comes to support of their hometown music talent. Some would say that this split is caused by the lack of support Houston rappers show others. This is an issue that I have heard occur on multiple occasions, and to be honest it seems like other cities have the same problem. Houston’s culture has most definitely had an impact in the culture of rap and hip-hop. Knowing this, it becomes very frustrating to locals and fans that talent from this city has not received the same amount of support seen by other artist from different cities.



Certain people have recognized the power Houston can have without this obstacle in the way. Bybreeze is one of the few individuals that has taken the challenge head on. She is a curator/promoter who has been involved with events for over a 2 year span which she has accumulated more than 100 shows. Detroit is her hometown but she saw a better opportunity to be involved with music in Houston. After scoping out talent and venues she told me, “After a performance the whole crowd would leave, being they just came for their favorite artist”.



In an effort to change things Houstock was created. It was an idea that was formed to be an outdoor music and art festival, then quickly turned into a movement within the culture of local talent. Houstock presents events frequently for musicians and artist who need a platform to showcase their skills. Houstock also does contest style shows, contestants who place with-in the top 3 get money and/or other prizes. She has been doing these events with no financial help and has already made a huge impact. To make things clear Bybreeze told me “I’m not allowing a L to stop me because I know I have something special to offer this city. I encourage everyone to enforce the support.” As of now, she has kept action to her words by putting together multiple shows this summer and has even bigger plans up her sleeve in 2016, watch and support her positive takeover.



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