Halfofyou presents, “Miami,” feat. Nat the Poet

Written/Edited by Gabriel Al-Shaer

On, “Miami,” Orlando-based artist Halfofyou crafts a hypnotic single that is sure to put you in your feelings. The melody is mesmerizing, featuring lyrics painting a picture of late Miami nights filled with beautiful women that hold him until the morning comes, whereupon he kicks them out to resume his lifestyle. The instrumental is beautiful, and though the song is long, it only adds to the it’s cinematic nature, and it’s capability in creating a story that is worth telling. “Miami, Miami, heart stuck in Miami – body in Orlando, but my heart’s stuck in Miami,” croons the lyricist. The melody is sure to get stuck in your head.

As the song begins to draw to a close, Orlando’s very own Nat the Poet steps up to the plate to deliver one of her patented poems. The words are powerful and stick in your head, adding a beautiful contrast to the melody-driven first half of the song. Although poetry is typically reserved for hip hop lyrics, Nat the Poet proves that her style of wordplay absolutely belongs upon music – like a beautiful color deserves to be painted on a canvas. You can find the rest of Halofyou’s catalogue here, and stream Halfofyou’s, “Miami,” featuring Nat the poet below, and keep up with the two artists as they continue on their paths to success.




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