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This week I got to sit down and get in the cut like Neospirin with GStyle, message conversation above is with Swamp Posse member SkyXXX that has a track with GStyle off his new #FutureLegend EP. The Future Legend EP featuring SkyXXX and special guest Caskey is playable at the bottom. Catch me Friday at #ILLFOREVER with GStyle and other performers interviews are in the works with. Also keep a lookout in certain Caskey videos, GSstyle has several random cameos in his music videos that were filmed when GStyle performed at Caskey’s tour finale.

Where were you born and raised?

Born in Sanford, FL. Raised in Deltona, FL.

So how long you been rapping for?

Since I was 11, 17 now so 6 years.

When did you really start taking it seriously?

At 11 sharp, I wrote my first verse when I was 9. I was 11 when I did my first talent show performance, I just love hearing myself come out the speaker.

Who’re your rapper inspirations?

Wiz Khalifa not even cause how he raps but how he moves. His business ethic, the way he presents himself. If not him, then me.

Who’re your favorite producers?

Mainstream, Metro Boomin, Sonny Digital, TM88. Right now I been fucking with Adam OnTheTrack, Trap Mafia, J. Nickels, shout out Ill Mind he was on Meal Ticket’s ”The Dollar”, AzBeats, J. Stoner, Leer Beats, B.o Beats, + many more.

So the question a lot of people are probably wondering, how did that Future Legend Caskey intro come about?

All love.

So how many projects you have dropped in total?

2015, I dropped four. Every single one is raw but lyrically the best is, Valedictorian hosted by HoodRichKeem. Meal Ticket’s for the streets, for those who need motivation. Future Legend is the trunk banger, that shit you play at a function.

What are you currently working on?

Two EP’s in the cut (name TBA), and the mixtape Meal Ticket 2, expect that summer. I’m Decembers very own, so expect a project this December too.

Are you big on collabs?

If you got numbers, or money.

Who’s been your favorite rapper to work with?

I haven’t really been working with rappers like that consistently, any collab like I said is people with numbers or paper.

Which have been your favorite shows you’ve performed at?

My first one was on The Black Sheep Tour’s finale in Orlando, FL with Caskey. Still Cold in Broward by Miami was dope too. My freshman year of highschool when I was 14, I did a show at my highschool it was called “End Of The Year Bash”. #ILLFOREVER is the 15th (Friday) at UCF, be sure to pull up.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Financially free.

Do you rock any of the local clothing brands?

Shout outs to everybody doing they thing, but right now we rocking with our merch. #FutureLegend .

Do you record or write under the influence?

I haven’t been writing my music later, I’ve been freestyling in the booth. I still write sometimes, but I just like freestyles they let you be you 100%.

Any last minute shout outs?

Shout out to God, and my brothers. Shouts out to RapHQ, Future Legends.
GStyle’s Cousin also says, the only snakes in the grass are in his paper.

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