Get In-Tune With Texas Rapper .@Tdmoney26’s New “Go Back” Track

This is Tdmoney who indicates its spelled all one word and the ‘D’ isn’t capitalized and he also goes by a shortened version Td. Soon to be the games “Most Valuable Artist” and here’s why. Music being one of his greatest passions, currently a senior at The Texas Southern University, was a must that he succeeds in it. Recently beginning to build his relationship with God, he reveals that his success and new opportunities have come from his relationship with God. He also believes that success comes from stepping out of your comfort zone and taking chances on what you really want.

Through his music you will get another side of Tdmoney. He exhibits vulnerability and his expressions are exquisite. Positivity, fun, and pushing through your struggles is his motive. His latest single “Go Back (Prod. By Kid Ocean)” is a great example of how relatable and transparent his music is. Td likes to put as much of himself into his songs as possible from his sporadic personality to his goofiness. In His song ‘Go Back’ he really displays all of that from the constant up and down of his vocal inflictions to the rapid fire rap pace. Also the intervals of random ad-libs in the song really brings it to life. Td says the premise of the song is that we all want to go back to a good time in our lives but we must continue and keep progressing in life. In each verse he goes through stages of his life some of witch are over and some that are still going on, and by ending the song on the 3rd verse speaking from his future self. That’s just a taste of Tdmoney.

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