813’s Gat$ (a.k.a Tampa) starts this project with a late eerie tone, a Charles Dickens / Robert Stevenson novel kind of vibe almost, late 1920’s prohibition era type tone. The cover itself compliments this initial thought as it’s a bloody red with black with a prescription paper filled out with Gat$ government name (Robert Ferdinand ) where it connects that the artist has anxiety (among possible other things), a disease plaguing a decent chunk of our youth not many celebrity’s dwell on with the side note “psychiatry referred”. This could mean many things, the conclusion I reached to is that the theoretical doctor (if there is one) would like him evaluated before putting him on anxiety meds, such as xanax & kolonopin that have ruined suburban America and many lifes. Halfway through the tape there’s a flame collab track with SkyXXX of SwampPosse and BizzyCrook many can connect too. Near the end there’s a quite fitting song for the youth, a story as old as time, “If I die this year I ain’t got the buzz to join a club, the pressure be killing niggas”. This is personally my favorite song, the beautiful single art for it completes it (the cover art had a limited T-shirt print run, I was lucky enough to receive one, very cozy juheard). The ending of the tape is quite eerie off rip, as it’s named white lighter, as most of us know white lighters are bad luck, “some days I just want to watch the world burn”.

Editor’s Note : This article was written last year but due to technical difficulties not posted until now. I highly encourage those reading to vote for Gat$ in the Mieux Magazine Awards, where he is nominated for “best collab single”, for the track mentioned earlier with SkyXXX and Bizzy, as he is one of the most slept on and this is more than likely his last project due to health concerns. Hope everything gets better Robert, sincerely Ricky.


Ricardo DeLara (RickySupreme)

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