Flatbush, New York Trio ‘Gangtivity’ Release New Album “GGX”

If there is one thing that is for certain for Flat bush Rap collective Gangtivity, it’s the fact that their music is as energizing and radical as the trio of Brooklyn-bred rappers are popping within their own right in the five boroughs and beyond. And now, with the release of their new fiery 14 track project GGX, there’s truly no way to gauge the scope of the imminent and momentous bounds Gangtivity is about to make off the strength off their new music.

Equipped with monstrous bangers like the breakout record “Reppin'” in combination with tracks like “ICY” & “Racks” GGX listens more like explosive, napalm contained in audio form rather than instinctively aggressive Rap music. Gangtivity members Bam Vito, Fleego & Mitch Leading each provides ground shattering performances that hinge on the explicit nature of their lyrics coupled with a very New York-centric vernacular & delivery.

It’s very apparent that this crew has the potential to shake things up in the industry, and with that being said, this should be the green light needed to hop on the Gangtivity wave now and go get their new project GGX ASAP. Check out the full album via Apple Music and catch up on your Gangtivity trivia knowledge with a recent clip from an interview with the trio below.




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