Dumi, Doing it the Right way

After dropping Doing It The Right Way Dumi Right has been busy pushing this album like his life depends on it. From releasing music videos such as the provocative Liberation Music (which also happens to be the first song on his album tastefully awakening your conscious) to amazing flawless storytelling on his Traffic Bars (a freestyle session off some classic rap tunes in his car) to top drawer performances where he goes all out on stage with no backup vocals like how a real emcee should. Look, there’s undoubtedly no one way of doing it in this music business and by doing it we mean pushing barriers and redefining what success means within whatever craft you decide to pursue within the music business and in this instance Rap music business. So the question now comes, is Dumi Right Doing it?

Dumi Right – Liberation Music

Before we answer that question it would only be fitting to fill you in on who Dumi Right is because you can never talk about where a person is or what’s to go without talking about where they are from and what they have done to get there.  That way we get a better chance to understand when they started doing it and for how long as you already know consistency is just as important when it comes to building brands in this game. Dumi Right and his family are originally from Zimbabwe and he grew up there from a young age up until the time he returned to the USA to pursue and live out his dreams. Along with his brother Akim Funk Buddha they would go on to form a pioneering rap group by the name Zimbabwe Legit. One of the first hip hop groups out of Africa to gain international recognition. Zimbabwe Legit first made their mark with their self titled debut EP which dropped on Hollywood Basic records in 1992 and included production by DJ Shadow and the Black Sheep. As a solo act he would release Alternate Reality (2011) which contained the smash single Wake Em Up featuring Vast Aire & Chubb Rock. He has had many high profile appearances that included a guest spot on the album Two For One by the legendary producer Easy Mo Bee and Emskee on the track Black Radio. He also released Connect The Dots (2012) and Doing It the Right Way (2018).  

Dumi RIGHT – Millennium Stage (January 11, 2019)

Dumi has performances everywhere from the US, to France and Japan sharing stages with the likes of MC Lyte, The Roots, KRS-ONE, Mos Def and many more. He has also collaborated on recordings with artists from around the globe, as well as with notable US hip-hop luminaries including the Jungle Brothers, Mr. Lif, Stic man (Dead Prez), Chubb Rock, Vast Aire, YZ, and Prince Po to name a few. This independent artist, writer and organizer has been documented in numerous publications as well as in academic works of hip-hop history, including Say It Loud! The Story of Rap Music by K. Maurice Jones and The Hip Hop Wars by Tricia Rose. As if that’s not enough, at the beginning of 2016, Dumi RIGHT was selected to complete a residency in Thailand teaching emceeing to youth in underserved communities as part of the Next Level cultural exchange initiative through the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


His accomplishments and accolades have included an award in the Numark Musical Innovator contest and a win and two nominations for Washington Area Music Awards. Now if this is not Doing It The Right Way then I don’t know what is because homeboy being keeping it 100 from day one. From rocking stages, releasing thought provoking vibes to being a cultural ambassador we can only sing his praises as his name Dumisani implies. Do make sure not to miss out Dumi Right Doing It The Right Way at a venue near you…

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