.@DrChame’s “Heat” is a must jam

Troy Chambers otherwise known as the rapper T.Chame began his hustle on June 1st 1994. Born in New Orleans Louisiana Chame would be heavily influenced early on by other New Orleans artist, inparticular rapper Lil Wayne who would introduce him to hip-hop. In addition to Wayne ,Chame says rappers such as Jay Z and 50 cent would also play a roll for him in music as well During these times. In 2005 Chame was forced to relocate due to hurricane Katrina which is why he now calls Dallas TX his home seeing he’s been there ever since. Chame would personally get into the art of rap as a high school student where he would discover his niche for music. Since then it’s been a wrap. With projects coming in the near future Chame encourages listeners of all kind to experience the work he has out today. Chame would go on to say that his highschool influences Big Sean and Jay Cole are who inspired his creations. T.Chame is a 23 year old artist looking to change the game his music is dope and his rhyme scheme is fresh something that would be described as a must see. Don’t sleep go check out T.Chame today you won’t regret.


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