#CD4 interview ft. Distortedd

#CD4 weekend I got to sit down and meet and interview a fellow Dominican, Anhia. Aka Distortedd. Catching many initial eyes with her “Distortedd” logo (the eyes on her thighs pictured above), she has proven with her press in The Source & Complex and many other festival/concert appearances, that she is here to stay. The image this article starts with is her live painting during #CD4, sadly there was no spray paint.

So how long have you been painting for?

I’ve been painting since I was a kid, I was always mad artistic, but I just started taking it seriously
about 3 years ago.

So where did you live most of your life?

In Redding, PA. Philadelphia for almost 7 years, Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for 5

What would you say inspired you?

I think I’m inspired by how my mind is, I’m really distortedd forreal. Nature, culture, people,
everything inspires me.

How did you get the nickname Distortedd?

I found a word that described my personality. My personality thrives and lives through my art. Distorted is the perfect way to describe me, Anhia.

Who would you say had the most impact in your life?

My father.

Who are your favorite artists in the game right now?

Mf Doom, Mobb Deep, Mad Lib. Future is probably my favorite trap dude right now, I feel like so many
people are taking his sound.

Who are your favorite producers?

Metro Boomin, Mf Doom, Mad Lib.

Who does your inkwork?

Multiple people, my favorite tattoo artist lives in Philly, Elle_Lamb.

Do you do your work under the influence?

No, most of the time I’m sober. I’ll smoke some weed and drink a beer. Some people have a
misinterpretation of me and think I’ll draw live on acid, like no, I’ll do the acid after I leave. I love
being stoned at the crib though.

So what is everything you do?

Cartoons, that’s one of my favorite things to do. I like to draw, I like to sketch alot, I like to come
up with ideas. I like to paint acrylic, but I love spray painting more.

Do you make any work for clothing brands?

No, I do it for myself. Only way I would do that is collabing with a big brand like Adidas, other than that

I’ll keep to myself.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Yo I really think my brand is going to take off even more, I might be famous in 5 years, I might be
a bum, who knows, but I’m really positive that I’m going to have a good run. Some people make
something hot and then people forget about them.

What’s your favorite weed strain?


Who’ve you collabed with?

Freako (action bronsons main graphic designer) on a cartoon video for Action Bronson, and I have a collab with Lil Uzi.

Any last minute shout outs?

My distorted family/supporters.


Ricardo DeLara (RickySupreme)

I am the founder, Ricardo DeLara, most call me Ricky aka @RickySupreme. Follow me on twitter @ http://twitter.com/rickysupreme and instagram @ http://instagram.com/rickysupreme

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