Desmond – Noc Filez

South Florida artist Desmond A.K.A Dez is off that kryptonite in his new EP entitled “Noc Filez” which hit the net October 1st, 2016.  

In this project you can hear Desmond reveal desmond noc filezhimself as well as his concerns in what some would consider a dark tone. He discusses his love for music, his concerns over being emotionless, his desires to succeed, plus a lot of issues we all face. Humanized but still iconic is my interpretation for the overall theme of this project.
Production by Canis Major, Roca Beats, Countach, and Relta Beats made for a more poloraized energy for this project; making for each track to have its own personality. Still maintaining a cohesive sound for this project Desmond has really begun to define himself as an artist. 

Be sure to follow Desmond and Join him in this audible journey and press play below:


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