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Cutthroat Records is a L.A based record label featuring Vince Staples, Joey Fatts, DSavage3900 + more talent. This interview was conducted by Ricky with two of their Lakeland producers, TayMasterChef & DZY.

What inspired you guys to start producing?

Tay – Lex Luger! I grew up listening to him, I watched his beat making videos way back, he was fire as fuck, so I got FL studio and just started, staying up til 4AM and shit.

DZY – I just like the music I like and I saw niggas making money, I grew up around it, always had a passion, always wanted to make music, just never had the time cause I was always playing basketball.

What are your top 5 producer inspirations?

DZY – Metro, Zay, MexikoDro, Southside, Kanye.

Tay – Lex Luger, Metro Boomin, Zaytoven, Kanye, Timbaland.

What are your top 5 rappers you’d love to work with?

Tay – Thouxanbanfauni, UnoTheActivist, Young Thug, Future, Lil Herb.

DZY – Thug, Playboi Karti, ThouxanBand ,21 Savage, Kanye.

How many years have you guys been producing for?

DZY – One year.

Tay – My story of how long is weird, ‘cause I can’t really count that time. I first picked up production software in 8th grade, I had FL demo for a month and a half and I learned how to setup songs and beats. Then my computer broke, didn’t have a new computer ‘til 11th grade, I started back producing in like 12th grade. Altogether probably like 2 ½ years. That one broke about 4 months ago, I just produce on the homie DZY’s laptop now.

What’re some of your favorite songs you have made with vocals on it?

Tay – Difference with LUCKI, mama told me & backyard with Yung Lee, day one with Malik White ft. Skrilla.

DZY – Bankroll Mafia Trenches with T.I (off his last album), Young & Reckless with Yung Lee, Duckin 12 with RayRizzle. I have a collab with MexikoDro, no vocals are on it yet tho.

How long have you two been friends for?

Tay – I mean I knew him since 7th grade, we had mad mutual friends.

DZY – Yeah but we just really started hanging out last year, we played sports and shit together for years.

How was highschool like for you two?

Tay – I didn’t go out my way to go to parties but everybody knew me, I stopped playing sports in 9th grade, Final Fantasy was my shit in HS, it inspired me. Kingdom Hearts soundtrack had a real big impression on me too. In middle I was the kid that had books in my jean shorts. I was the class clown.

DZY – Everybody knew me from hooping, everybody knew me for my swag haha. Everybody knew me ‘cause I always looked high as shit.

Tay – Hahaha that nigga was always high.

How would you describe your sound?

Tay – Heavenly.

DZY – That’s like both our sound.

Tay -But it still go hard. At the same time I’m not a trap beat maker.

DZY – Niggas don’t understand we make all types of genres, we making anything bihh, we could make a whole album.

What’s the most fire collabs you guys got in the works?

Tay – Look out for shit with DSavage, Joey Fatts, Yung Lee, Lucki, Black Youth, GrimDoza, Captain Crunch, DJ Patt, BrentRambo.

DZY – Nothing really major, just a bunch of Cutthroat Records artists.

Any last minute shout outs?

Tay – Shouts out to the boys, they know who they are.

DZY – Same!


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