Chicago’s Grizzie Grime Drops “Invertigo EP.”

Written/Edited by Gabriel Al-Shaer

CreativesOnly artist Grizzie! comes through with his latest release, “Invertigo EP.” Grizzie! looks to bring light into the world of an introvert, spitting on the title track, INTROvertigo, “Introverted, hard-headed, sucka-hitta, can’t tell me s***.” The Chicago-born rapper doesn’t forget his roots either. He shows love to where he was born, the west side of Chicago, on, “Westworld.” Grizzie! is currently working on an album to follow up the momentum generated from his “Invertigo EP.” You can find the rest of Grizzie!’s catalogue here, and stream the, “Invertigo EP”, below.

Instagram: @GrizzieGrime

Twitter: @GrizzieGrime


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