#CD4 interview ft. Venus Amor

This weekend at #CD4 on day one, @VenusAmorMusic graced us with a beautiful performance. Luckily before then, she had enough time for an interview after sound check. Photographed to the right of us, is none other than Denzel Curry who wasn’t expected. Stay tuned for more MIA creative mind / performer interviews, @Distortedd_ interview next to hit the press.

So how long have you been singing for?

Practically my whole life, but I just started professionally singing last year.

Who would you say is your inspiration?

Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, FKA Twigs, Alicia Keys. But like trap artist wise, Gucci Mane. I used to be a huge Gucci mane fan when I was young.

Who would you say are youre favorite rappers in the game right now?

Kodak Black, Young Thug, Gucci Mane, Future, there’s just so many.

Where were you born?

Pamona, California. It’s in L.A, I came to Florida when I was 2 so I didn’t really get to experience life much over there.

What are you currently working on?

I just dropped a project For The Time Being, it was just like a little project I wanted to release. I only worked two weeks on it in my room, recorded and mixed everything myself in my room. I’m being cocky right now but I’m really raw at it haha. I’m working more on visuals and signals right now at the moment, I might have a surprise tho.

Are you big on collabs?

Not really, usually a lot of people ask me to do a feature for them and they offer me money to do it but I just say no, unless theirs a connection. Only if it’s really beneficial to me or we have a connection. But I’m always about giving artists a chance. I have collabs with Sylvan Lacue from WiseUp, Alicia Nicole, we literally just did a track a couple days ago. OG Sky from Swamp Posse, Solomon Da God. Bear is another person I did a collab with.

How many projects do you have out and which would you tell a first time listener to listen to?

I have two projects out, Sakura EP, it’s only a 3 track EP that I wanted to drop on my birthday so I did. Frdrk killed the production on that, and the second one is For The Time Being. It has ten tracks, I would tell listeners to listen to that more it stretches my vocals more, Sakura is just more like a one sound thing, but like a different sound. Me and Frdrk made our own sound, we just wanted to spread our vibes, how we connect together and all that.

How many performances have you done?

I can’t even count, I stopped counting at like I don’t even know. I’ve done alot, I’ve done more than 10 to be real.

Which was your favorite?

Flamingo Bar Theater, it was a cool experience it was an actual theater where people sit down. I think that was my best performance.

Any last minute shout outs?

I just want to tell people to never give up on your dreams, you can be on thew streets, you can be homeless, whatever it is someone will hear you no matter what. never give up. Shout out to my manager, Jrock tha Don, Gio, my family and friends that support me no matter what.

Ricardo DeLara (RickySupreme)

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