Big Flock Drops Somber Track “Caesar Salad”

The star Maryland rapper Big Flock return to the industry in 2020 since release from prison in late 2019 has been a triumphant success. He continues the momentum with a emotionally charged lyrical track titled “Caesar Salad.” Typically on a salad, a person would put a dressing on it to enhance the flavor. However, Flock, addresses his growth as a man and wants people to embrace the new him.

“Now, having time to digest being a free man and enjoying life, I realized that life is short, so I want to be a beacon of inspiration with my music for now on. With my fatherhood and increasing notoriety among the industry, I have come to see that people don’t know me. I’m a down to earth guy who tackles his problems head-on, and Caesar Salad is a testament to that.”

Big Flock

Powered by a somber beat curated by Juu, Caesar Salad is slow and methodical on purpose that enhances the density of the incredible heart-felt lyrics from Big Flock. With the single, Flock hopes to show a more transparent side to his personality. Co-signs from fellow DMV greats such as Rico Nasty, IDK, 3ohblack, Wale, and more than mean nothing to Big Flock if he can’t impact this fans lives positively. Caesar Salad is more than an incredible song, but the next step in Flock’s career. The single is available to stream on all platforms.

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