Atlanta Artist Tre VIBEZ Shares New Music Video “No Time”

Almost everyone can relate to making the rookie mistake of investing time and effort into a person who isn’t even worth anything they have to offer. And that’s exactly why Atlanta based Rapper Tre Vibez decided to drop some gems of knowledge on the subject in his new record “No Time.”
In the accompanying visual for “No Time” Tre Vibez makes it clear that he’s here for lust, not love. As his agile and vulgar hook cascades over the pulsating beat, you seem to gain a bolstering and relentless confidence with Tre cheering you on in the background feverishly chanting, “Girl is you fucking or not? Then you get the fuck out my spot. Cuz I don’t got time for love.” There is something about this record, beyond the obvious flex, that is incendiary and will force you to click that repeat button.
Though Tre Vibez doesn’t have time for love, you will certainly make some time to get “No Time” added into your daily rotation as soon as you get through the first listen. Peep the visual for no time below and stay tuned for more from Tre Vibez soon.

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