NEW : AR Restless – Pokemon GO! (Prod. by BeatGodZOM)

Written by Ricardo DeLara aka RickySupreme

Orlando has done it again, this time from AR Restless, who not so coincidentally made a cameo in our last Orlando premiere that has even reached local news station attention. “MURDA” (by YounGKiddoe), as it is called was also not so coincidentally filmed by ChekTheCredits aka BeatGodZom, who produced this banger. This single, which is the second off his upcoming album was premiered on the radio last week on station 102Jamz. Artwork was designed by Phantom Xpress. The track reflects accurately on gang life, making references such as “always on the go”, because you really never know what is going to happen, here today, gone tomorrow type life. Near the end you can hear his yearning to make it out of this wartorn city, and it just might happen because as to date, this is his fastest growing track, almost at 4K plays & less than 10 days old. Cheers to “all the summer nights locked up in the studio” (possible reference to Green Light Studios located in Casselberry, owned by ZOM). If you want to catch him live, he’ll be shutting the city down in honor of locked up local MEEZ, this October 21st @ Social Bar. Listen to the track below and let us know your opinion in the comments.


Ricardo DeLara (RickySupreme)

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