Fashion Fridays: Daddy SWAG NYC

Daddy S.W.A.G. is a new fashionable clothing line that’s hitting the stores quicker than you can say Jack Robinson. And, just that quick, they are selling too. Want to know why? This new clothing brand allows fathers to showcase that they’re active dads in their child or children’s lives while still maintaining their swag.

Setting the standards high for trendy Fathers all around the world. As they continue to step out onto the runways and streets with their flyest trends and matching father-child fashion staples, this clothing brand is making it hard for its competitors. 

Daddy Swag Apparel, not only celebrates Full-time Fathers and Dedicated Dads but their relationship with God. S.W.A.G, is an acronym for STANDING WITH ALMIGHTY GOD – believing that with God all things are possible. Daddy SWAG’s pieces consists of t-shirts, hoodies, snapbacks and more with a variety of colors available. 

At Daddy Swag Apparel, they provide custom fashion and apparel, to appreciate fathers and all men around the world. The brand utilizes their clothing line as a platform to raise awareness to the importance of fatherhood. Promoting style with high fashion, while you rock the latest Daddy Swag apparels you will feel inspired, empowered, all while looking dressed to impress. 

The new trendy dad-fad has been featured in Fullbloom Fashion Magazine as well as participated in well known  fashion shows such as NYC Fashion Week, New Jersey Fashion Week, and Atlantic City Fashion Week. 

 Take a look at a few of their custom pieces below.

If you’re a dope dad and interested in copping a few pieces, they can be found in three stores:Dwight-Englewood College, Fab Store, and Vision Shop or online at

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